Day 365, 365 Days of Heuchera Blog CHECK

All good things must come to an end and I don't know about you, but for me writing the 365 Days of Heuchera Blog was a good thing. I was able to spend more time actually planting, growing and maintaining Heucheras than any other year at the nursery. I was able to communicate with other growers and collect tips and hints from the best. I was able to write about my beloved plants AND on a few occasions slip in some personal information about my amazing children, my friends, my staff and customers as well as my mom and dad. OH and I can't forget my fiance........

Soooooo Give me an L




It was not easy to write about one plant for 365 days and there were many days that I really had to think hard and long to get an original idea but it was a great experience for me and I met many people because of it. Now it is time for me to say good-by and so I am going to sign off now.

This is the end of 365 Days of Heucheras!

I bet you probably already figured out that I can't stop writing and so I will be starting tomorrow 365 Days of Echinaceas! HA HA just kidden.

I will be writing about many topics going forward, but I am going to allow myself to miss a day here and there. look for news on new plants, beautiful combinations and more tips from our growers.

Happy New Year Everyone! I love you Too!