We Want To Help!

New to Gardening?

Welcome new gardeners!

We want you to be succesful with whatever you decide to do from one tomato plant to a full landscape.

We want you to know that success can be buying an indoor plant, killing it, learning why and trying again. We will help you have fun in the adventure!

The friendly staff at My Garden can help you get started.

See Christopher for tropical indoor plants and all around Gardening Questions!

Lynn can help with all around gardening specializing in maples a rhodies and has an keen eye for color design. She puts together beautiful containers and small gardens. 

Antoni, our in house comedian can help in all areas of the garden from the mundane to the spiritual. Antoni is an expert in conifers, broadleaf, decidous, evergreens and creating spaces of tranquility. 

We all can show you the Right Plants for the Right Spot, Fabulous Color Combos for Containers or Small Gardens. We can share creative ideas for matching things like Birdbaths and Garden Art and Stakes with your personality!

Seminars and workshops will start up again when we open in Bellingham in 2014. Email questions to mygardennursery@gmail.com

A great way to start gardening is from your computer. You can begin by looking at pictures of gardens and flowers on our Pinterest pages or go through our long list of great plants on our plants page or look at best plants for 2012, 2013 and the 365 Days of Heuchera. It's fun to start learning plant names, which colors and types of plants speak to you and I assure you they will speak to you!