Fruit Trees at My Garden Nursery 

We have chosen the best  fruit tree varieties for Bellingham based on taste and texture, disease resistance, and plant hardiness. Most of our fruit trees come from Mount Vernon. We also reach out to growers in California who are growing new, unique, but trustworthy varieties. 

Apples, apricots, cherries, pears, plums, nectarine, peaches, and nuts. My Garden has dwarf, semi dwarf, espaliered and combination trees.  You will find hundreds of bare-root fruit trees in late January. Come on in and let us help you select the right trees to make your dreams of apple pie and cherry cobbler come true! We can help you select the right tree for pollination and make sure you know how to prune to get a great harvest!

Call us at 360-366-8406 to get on our wishlist. We will call you when they arrive!