Day 364 1 more day to LOVE Heucheras!


I have had so much fun taking pictures, learning about, writing about, growing and loving Heucheras for the last 364 days. One more day to tell the world just how amazing this wonderful evergreen perennial, the Heuchera is. One more day to scream from the rooftops that I LOVE Heucheras and why. Why? They are evergreen. They come in a ton of different colors that are all so gorgeous contrasting against each other that it is almost blinding. Heucheras are easy to grow, easy to divide and easy to maintain. If they get aphids or disease like rust, they are easy to deal with. Just chop them back and let them flush out again. They play well with other plants. they are not aggressive and are fantastic in containers. They can be appreciated almost every month of the year. Yes if the weather gets too wet and snowy then they can melt but they usually come back when the snow is gone. Plus they have the funnest names and you can collect them too.