Day 358 Heucheras in a planter shaped like a head


As many of you know both my mom and dad lived and died with Alzheimer's. We fundraise for a cure and have raised over $40,000 to date. The holidays are a time when I think about my parents a lot. We had wonderful Christmases and both my mom and dad really had a way of making me feel the magic of Christmas. I still believe in Santa Claus.

Nichols Stoneworks, a local statuary design company makes the stone female and male head planters that we sell. The idea came from when I first decided to create a Memory Garden at our nursery and I needed a way to represent Alzheimer's in a garden. The human head is what I came up with. We call our garden the 'Plant a Head for Alzheimer's Memory Garden. We have planted many Heucheras in the head planters. My heart goes out to anyone who is living with or loving someone who has Alzheimer's.