We are excited to be moving
to Bellingham in 2014
We will let you know the fun
details soon! 
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THANK YOU for your votes - we love you all !!

We are thrilled to be the #2 Home and Garden and #2 Post Office!

We didnt know how we would do considering we don't even have a store front right now! Yah #2!

My Garden News

No good news

But no bad news either. We are blessed by so many people who are working hard to make this happen in Bellingham. There have been wetlands to work around, storm water to be collected and roads to build. Nobody has mentionerd anything about building any bridges but who knows what will be next.

Thank you for staying tuned and your love and support and keep your fingers crossed

Jenny and Bill 

Waiting for good news

We are hoping to get some very good news today. #mygardendream We have about a 50% chance of things working so we can open our new store and cafe in Bellingham this year. That means we also have a 50% chance of it not working out so If you know Oprah or Ellen we could sure use a hand.

We are super excited about Bellingham and all the wonderful people we have been meeting in our trips up there and will come up with a plan B if plan A does not work out.

Keep gardening!


My Garden Nursery is moving to Bellingham!

I must admit I am absolutely terrrified. We closed our store October 31st. It was a hard day for everyone but we were able to share many hugs and tears with our wonderful customers.


I am so scared.... I hope and pray that it all works out and that we get the permits and are able to do all the things the city needs us to so we can build our fabulous BRAND NEW store and even a little cafe on the Guide Meridian in Bellingham.

How did we end up in Bellingham? We rented here in Mill Creek. We wanted to buy the property we sit on or another close by but nothing worked out so we kept looking and after a year with Joel Johnson the BEST real estate agent and about 100 different properties, we finaly found a gem in Bellingham. Bellingham with it's beautiful city, places to take great hikes, water to canoe and Kayak in and gardens to grow. It is the perfect place for My Garden 2.

We did fall in love with 6 other places along the way. One right down the street on Bothell Everett Highway but it turned out it was almost all wetland even though it looked like a dessert. There was another on highway 9 that was gorgeous but turns our had a major septic problem. Time and time again I would fall in love and start planning My Garden 2 and then find out it was doomed. 

We are working with a great architect named Sean from Haven Design. It is all very exciting but scary too. 

I will be sharing everything with you as we go from My Garden Mill Creek to My Garden Bellingham! All I can tell you is I am excited but I have a feeling it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Keep your fingers crossed!  

Last My Garden Mill Creek Kids Club ROCKED!

The last Kids Club was amazing. The kids made one painted rock to take home and one to give to Miss Jenny and Mr. Bill! It was so beautiful. The rocks said things like You ROCK!

Thank you for VOTING! Winners announced Nov. 8th Calling all My Garden Friends!

Calling all My Garden Friends,

Please visit soon to reminisce and to get some wonderful plants, fertilizers, gifts, garden art and more at GREAT PRICES!

40% off Perennials, Trees, Shrubs, Watering Cans, 50% off Fruit Trees and 30% off everything else!

It's October and that means less than a month to empty My Garden.

It's true, we are moving to Belligham!