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to Bellingham in 2015

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My Garden News

Thank you for being patient

We appreciate you all checking in with us from time to time to see how things are going. We wish we had news but the whole process has been a roller coaster of huge ups and downs. Bill and I are headed to Oregon to the Farwest Show to see whats new in the plant world and to visit with the wonderful growers and friends we have been working with since we opened My Garden in November 2006. 

I now we keep saying this but we do think we will know a bit more at the end of the month about our future in Bellingham.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Jenny & Bill

STILL waiting for good news

We were hoping to get some very good news today. A month later and we are still waiting. We have about a 50% chance of things working so we can open our new store and cafe in Bellingham next year. That means we also have a 50% chance of it not working out so If you know Oprah or Ellen we could sure use a hand.

We are super excited about Bellingham and all the wonderful people we have been meeting on our trips up there and will come up with a plan B if plan A does not work out.

Keep gardening!

Jenny & Bill

Last My Garden Mill Creek Kids Club ROCKED!

The last Kids Club was amazing. The kids made one painted rock to take home and one to give to Miss Jenny and Mr. Bill! It was so beautiful. The rocks said things like You ROCK!